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How to Hire a Home Inspector

Rules to Live By


A photograph of a typical home for inspectionAbove all else, always remember that the inspection company you hire is your choice and your choice alone.  This is a financial investment…for your family, your future and your lifestyle. Choosing the right inspection company and a skilled, experienced inspector you can trust  is often a difficult choice, but it’s an important one that will take more than a few cursory searches on Google. Do the research, educate yourself and protect your investment. Whether you end up hiring Murrer Certified Inspections or not, we want to see you work with a company that cares and an inspector who will have your best interests at heart. Here are some questions for you to ask during the hiring process and a few pearls of our hard won wisdom:


How much experience does the person inspecting my property have in the construction industry?
After all, the purchase or sale of a property will be one of the largest decisions you will make in your life, and with little to no experience in supervising a project, your inspector may just be just a book-smart inspector.  This can be very problematic for inspected items and issues which can be missed or misunderstood and can have a significant financial impact on your bank account.


Why did you become an inspector and what did you do before becoming one? You may find yourself unpleasantly surprised at finding out the potential inspector might have little to no experience actually supervising a construction project.  Supervisors are required to know all disciplines and aspects of the project, and work directly with engineers and architects.


Who will be performing the inspection and what are their certifications and experience? Some companies will outsource the work to employees or others that will perform your inspection.  The inspection company may claim to have several affiliations with various inspection agencies, but the inspector you get may not have the same certifications, if any at all.


Is the inspection’s certification nationally accepted? California has minimal requirements for certifications as compared to the majority of states in our country.  By having a Nationally accepted and accredited certification, the inspector you choose should meet or exceed the credentials of all states.  A National certification is typically also accepted by other Nationally accredited agencies as well as state controlled agencies like CRIEA.


Is the inspector physically capable of doing the inspection? Are they able to crawl into tight areas? For instance,  a crawl space or attic in order to get a close look at the building conditions?   Are they able to carry a ladder as well as mount the ladder to walk a roof, if conditions allow?


Is the inspection covered for both liability and errors and omission insurance? In the state of California, inspectors are required to carry both Errors and Omission as well as Liability Insurance prior to performing any inspections.


Is the inspection company also a construction company? In the state of California, an inspection company cannot perform any type of construction on a previously inspected property for a minimum of one year.  A construction company can perform an inspection, but if they are affiliated with a certified inspection agency, they cannot quote the cost for performing the repair work.  Additionally, if they are not certified for performing inspections, they have not been properly trained to do so.  Performing repairs on a property after an inspection is deemed a conflict of interest for the client as the contractor may create additional work for his own benefit. This is against the SOP of all certified inspection agencies.



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